We wanted to keep our bombs as natural as possible,
so we make them ourselves using just a few simple, high quality ingredients

  • Q1 How To Use ?

    A)Fill Your Tub With Warm Water And Drop In A BODY V Tablets

    Use 1 To 3 Tablets Per Bath
    Infants And Small Children Use 1 Dear Roy Tablets.

  • Q2 Why Are BODY V Better Than Other Bath Bombs?

    A) A Combination Of Reasons, Actually

    - They Smell Wonderful.
    - They Natural As Possible With High Quality Ingredients.
    - They’Re Fun To Use, Since The Baking Soda And Citric Acid Set Off An Impressively Strong Fizzing Reaction When You Put Them In The Water.
    - Many Of Our Competitor’S Bombs Are Overloaded With Up To 22 Ingredients And Thick, Greasy Additives.
    We Take A More Simple, Balanced Approach To Our Bath Bombs.
    They won’t fill your bath with gunk, and our pigment colors won’t stain your skin.

  • Q3 What’S The Shelf Life Of BODY V Tablets?

    A)Our BODY V Will Stay Good For A 2 Years If Kept In A Cool, Dry Place In Their Original Packaging.
    They Are Always Made Fresh, And Our Fragrances Are Strongest At The Time Of Production.
    If You Want To Enjoy The Full Effect Of Our Wonderful Fragrances, We Recommend Using Them Within A Few Months Of Purchase.

  • Q4 All Body V Tablets Are Can Be Used On Infants And Small Children?

    A) We Recommend DEAR ROY, Our DEAR ROY Are Can Be Used On Infants And Small Children.

  • Q5 Want'S Wholesale Orders?

    A) Please Email us = epbodylab@gmail.com

  • Q6 Shipping

    We generally ship products within 3-5 business days of receiving your order.
    If you do not receive your products within this timeframe, please notify us at our website or epbodylab@gmail.com.

    Please be sure to provide us with accurate shipping information when placing your order.
    The customer is responsible for all charges incurred when a package is considered undeliverable or returned to us by the shipper due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information.

    A tracking number is provided when your order ships.

    Our products are packaged in (recycled) plastic to keep moisture OUT and fragrances IN during shipping and storage. Please dispose of this packaging responsibly

  • Q7 Returns

    Our bath bombs are fresh and made to order so, therefore, we can not accept returns.
    If there is a problem with your order, or if you are unhappy for any reason,
    please email us at epbodyab@gmail.com and we will do our best to make it right.


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